Get Involved

Salty Fishbowl is Saltspring Island’s community magazine. We need all the help you can give us to cover all of the great stories in our community. There are several different ways you can get involved with the Fishbowl.

  1. Link to Consider adding a link from your website to and help share this fun Fishbowl community spirit. Link To Salty Fishbowl Here
  2. List your website in the Saltspring Island Community Directory. List Your Saltspring Website Here
  3. Buy A Community Fishbowl Ad for your Company, Organization or Event – If you are a non-profit or volunteer group we may have free ads for you. Please contact the Fishbowl today. Learn More
  4. Write An Article On Any Topic and send it to the Salty Fishbowl- If you enjoy writing consider writing on a regular basis such as weekly or monthly. Send Your Saltspring Story Here
  5. Send in your Upcoming Events – You’ll get involved and we’ll show off your event. Learn more
  6. Sponsor a Fishbowl Section - If you are too busy to write an article you could sponsor a section in the Fishbowl such as Comics or Horror-scopes. Learn More
  7. Participate in the Community Discussion - Add your comments to any Saltspring Island Salty Fishbowl story.
  8. Send Us Your Photos of Recent Community Events – Please keep them clean folks. Learn More

THANK YOU SALTSPRING COMMUNITY: Steph & Gen would like to thank you all for making this community magazine work. All of our sponsors are great, and we appreciate your support. Writers and readers too…we appreciate all of your support and direction in making the Salty Fishbowl an awesome community magazine.